"They said it couldn’t be done, but we are restoring the 1807 Franklinton Log Post office and giving it a new, 300-year life for future generations."

                                              -Walt Reiner

The short documentary to the right was created to memorialize this unique site. A national expert, Don Hutslar, was brought in to aid in restoration.

Hutslar served the Ohio Historical Society in its history division, as well as the Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board. His most famous published work is The Architecture of Migration: Log Construction in the Ohio Country 1750-1850. 

To the left is the sneak peak for the upcoming documentary on the Franklinton Log Post Office!

Jonathan and Hannah Noble Log Home

The David Deardurff House is the oldest building in Franklin County that is still standing on its original foundation. Deardurff ran the first post office in Franklin County out of his home until the mid 1830s, after which the Columbus Post Office had officially been established. The Reiners purchased the structure in 1979 to prevent it from being torn down, and restoration of the site has been ongoing since then.

​The David Deardurff House was registered with the National Register of Historic Places in 1974, the Columbus Register of Historic Properties in 2001, and is currently listed as a Franklin County Historical Society site.

We helped the City of Zanesville start their downtown revitalization by restoring the Adena Court apartments. They’re on the national register of historic places due to Adena Court’s architecture and importance to the Zanesville community.

David Deardurff House, AKA Franklinton 1807 Log Post Office

Not all of our projects are modern. Reiner Property Group has also done historical restorations--not the least of which is our office!


The Jonathan and Hannah Noble Log Home not only houses our day-to-day office operations, but also doubles as a museum. Originally built by some of the original settlers of Westerville, the farmhouse has Plexiglass viewing areas both inside and out to illustrate the building techniques of the initial settlers.

Adena Court Apartments